Wind Dancers #2: Horse Happy


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An Apple Tree House becomes Home Sweet Home. Four tiny horses with shiny manes and shimmery wings burst from a dandelion seed. Four magical horses who can fly! Dancing on the wind, surrounded by magical haloes, they are the Wind Dancers. Delighted with themselves and with their newly discovered magic, the four new friends‚ÄîKona, Brisa, Sumatra, and Sirocco‚Äîset out to discover all that their magic has to offer.With Brisa leading the way, the Wind Dancers find a home to call their own in a lovely apple tree. They’re ready to celebrate by going blackberry picking! Children can really let their imaginations fly with this magical new series based on Breyer’s beautifully-colored model horses, The Wind Dancers, four tiny horses with childlike personalities that children will readily identify with. Sure to begin an enduring love of horses. Enjoy all four books! Written by Sibley Miller; Illustrated by Tara Chang and Jo Gershman Grade Range: 1 and up Age Range: 6 and up Chapter Book, 80 pages, Full-Color Illustrations