Waddle the Penguin


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All fit for vacation-time fun, Waddle The Penguin features so many exciting activities and surprises, he is certain to keep himself and your child entertained and delighted all through his holiday Brightly colored and perfectly playful, this little penguin comes with multiple accessories. including a terrycloth beach towel, sandbucket, vibrating fish buddy and satin duck ring And to help him stay cool, Waddle also comes with a removable plush ice cream cone and rockin’ safety mirrored sunglasses With his jingles, crinkles and squeaky bits, Waddle is sure to keep children giggling and make summer days last all year long. The Tolo range of products is designed with safety and durability at the forefront of our minds. We only use the highest grade materials whilst manufacturing, and our rigorous testing procedures ensure that our quality standards remain consistently high. Tolo is committed to the development of an exciting range of products, which above all, offers excellent play value, along with fun and excitement during a child‚Äôs formative years.