Mally Bibs Genuine Leather Baby Bib- Ballet Slippers


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Beautiful, easy to clean 100% genuine leather bib. Designed to last. Reversible with fun design on one side and food catching pocket on the other side. Sticks to fridge between uses with magnetic clasp. Available in 56 different designs. Washable, adjustible. Slide magnets by pinching the ends of the bib and pulling to adjust the neck for any baby neck size. Comfortable, Clasp won’t tangle in the hair. Reliable, Sewn with heavy duty nylon thread that will not rot or stain. Made in Canada. Fits ages 1-4 years, Have 25% more coverage than the baby size. Care: wipe down with a cloth or rinse after each use, machine wash is not recommended. Don’t put near electronic equipment as strength of magnets may interfere.