Choose Your Own Adventure Kids-Your Grandparents are Ninja


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The Princess of J-Pop Toshi Adachi of Japan is getting married at your grandparents’s fancy New England inn. The inn is swarming with security guards in dark suits and earpieces, and the Japanese press is going nuts. If you agree to help out, you’ll get to enjoy a fun day playing outside at the party.¬†

But how well do you really know your grandparents? You notice a shadowy figure, clad in all black, is sneaking around the kitchen, and there are rumors of jewel thieves on the loose. Is the Princess’s diamond tiara at risk?¬†

If your grandparents are also ninjas, you might scale a waterfall, fight off a band of nunchuck-wielding ninjas, and save the wedding cake, but will you still get to drink as much lemonade as you want?