Apptivity Hot Wheels Car-Red


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It’s digital racing that will drive kids wild! With a sleek finish and conductive base, Hot Wheels¬Æ Apptivity‚Ñ¢ cars are designed for use in conjunction with an iPad¬Æ app in which kids can explore the Hot Wheels Test Facility‚Ñ¢. Part of Mattel’s Apptivity‚Ñ¢ line, each vehicle has different abilities onscreen that are unlocked as kids compete in different games and at different levels. Kids simply place the Apptivity‚Ñ¢ Hot Wheels¬Æ vehicle on the iPad¬Æ screen for the app to detect its presence, then click the activation button to begin. Players can search for the three hangars that each features three levels: Race, Jump and Search & Destroy. Or they can head to the Workshop to equip their cars with upgrades and augmented power ups. Eight other game options include a racetrack to test driving time. Includes 1 Hot Wheels¬Æ Apptivity‚Ñ¢ car and 1 free downloadable app. Ages 4 and older.